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I'm not sure if this is allowed, but since it's related to Hetalia writing...

What do you do when you feel uninspired to write? For some reason, the characters aren't speaking to me anymore.

[Fic] Missing You Even Morse So (1/?)

Title: Missing You Even Morse So (1/?)
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Slice-of-Life
Characters: US/UK, Jones and Kirkland parent OC's (for now).
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for language; use of human names.
Summary: Alfred and Arthur are thrust into a long distance relationship, and to make matters worse, with few options to keep in touch. Observe as they struggle with the restrictions and rejoice as they inevitably get creative.

A/N: Grigor = Scotland, Seamus = Ireland, Seimon = Wales. I would like feedback mainly on the characterization and overall composition of the story, but any suggestions are great. I'm experimenting with the differences in spelling and grammar between Arthur's POV (British English) and Alfred's (American English) so story-wise let me know what you think. One question I have is: Should there be a buffer between the events of the prologue and the first chapter?

Prologue and Chapter 1Collapse )

Prompt of the Week

Your prompt for this week is more of a challenge. The challenge is to create a playlist of at least seven songs that represent your USUK headcanon. Then pick three of the songs to write on/to/with/what have you. :D

Good luck!

Remember, even if you don't finish, go ahead and post anyway! It's great to see what you all come up with!


Prompt of the Week

The prompt of the week is crossovers.

Anything you can think of to do with that. Sorry this one is kinda lazy, but I'm having a bit of a rough week. Good luck! :D


Prompt of the Week

Your prompt this week is a song.

"It's Not Your Fault" by New Found Glory (this song wasn't chosen for any particular reason, I simply set iTunes on shuffle and that was the first song that came up. You are free to do the same if you do not care for the song I picked, but you are honor bound that it will be the first song your shuffle comes up with.)


[Fic] Cleaning Day

Title: Cleaning Day
Genre: Romance/Humor
Pairing: USxUK
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Arthur thinks America’s apartment needs to be cleaned. Alfred and his apartment have other plans.
Notes: Written for the Prompt of the Week. I just wrote this for fun, but critiques are welcome.

Cleaning DayCollapse )

Prompt of the Week!

Alright, this one's more of a challenge than a prompt. You must use at least 4 of the following quotations:

“More and more, it feels like I'm doing a really bad impersonation of myself.” -Chuck Palahniuk

"Sunshine does not smell like lemons."

“I really have a secret satisfaction in being considered rather mad.” -William Heath Robinson

"Leave the faeries alone, if you need something, ask the elves."

"Whatever doesn't kill you just isn't trying hard enough."

"Which one was Jane Austen again?"

"You cannot be gangsta with an astigmatism." -Kyle Grooms

Bonus if you can use all of them. The ones which are attributed to someone do not have to stay that way in your fill.


Prompt of the Week!

So this is the prompt of the week. You have all week to complete this prompt, so take your time and have fun with it.

"Words can sting like anything, but silence breaks the heart." -Phyllis McGinley

Also, if you start the prompt, but don't finish it by the end of the week, go ahead and post it anyway. These are exercises to get the juices flowing, don't worry if they're not perfect or complete.



[Fic] Civilized

Hi, I'm new to the community. I thought I'd share a small ficlet that I wrote for a prompt. It's a bit dark so I wasn't planning on publishing it before but your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
EDIT: Forgot to add what I'd like help with. Typos, grammar, characterization. Also, what I might want to expand on. Its never been beta-ed.

Title: Civilized
Genre: General
Characters: England, America
Rating: PG
Summary: Arthur teaches his young colony many things.

CivilizedCollapse )

A Quick Message

Hey all! I know things have been a little dead around here lately, so the deal is this, the prompt of the day is now going to become the prompt of the week, just to keep things simple and uncluttered. It will happen on Monday and you will have all week to work on it.

This comm could also use a little help. If you're a member, PLEASE USE IT!!!!!! (Even if you're one of my lovely, lovely mods ;P) I know how the temptation is, what it's like to just crave those reviews and want to post things immediately to our parent community, but PLEASE let the wonderful people who I know lurk here have a look at it first. You will not be sorry~

Thank you, as always.

Your faithful maintainer,


Prompt of the Day

Hello all!

In the spirit of the Love Party, why don't we do some brainstorming and development? As Haro has already said, this is a great time to contribute, with the weekend finally here and another week left of Love Party madness.

Do you remember any fairy tales or legends from your childhood, or have heard of some from other nations/regions/religions? Have you seen a movie/heard a song based on fairy tales or legends? Perhaps you have an idea forming about a fic based on a fairy tale or legend, or have a burning ambition to inform others about the beginnings of 'fairy tales'?

Some of you may have found a prompt you like, but haven't had time to focus on it, or haven't been able to flesh everything out. Well, this is the place to post ideas and help others develop ideas. And, as always, fics are welcome as well. :D

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


Prompt of the Day

Sorry for the delay, everyone! Just got caught up in the nice weather~

Today's prompt is...


Feel free to explore the wonders of English and/or American cuisine(?)! It can be homemade food, at a resteraunt, involve certain -ahem- waiters, or what have you. Any kind souls out there up to the challenge, this is your opportunity to stand up for England and his cooking. =w=b


Prompt of the Day

Alrighty! Since seraphic_dream is busy with a tremendous move, I'm stepping in on her days.

Your prompt for the day is... a tad on the mature side so I will provide an alternate one for those who do not wish to do it.

Sex: the thing that takes up the least amount of time and causes the most amount of trouble. -John Barrymore


Nights are long since you've been away, I dream of you all through the day, My Buddy, My Buddy, Nobody's quite so true. -Walter Donaldson


Prompt of the Day

Your prompt of the day is to complete any one of the sweethearts week prompts you like, but turn it on it's head in some way.

This one is designed to make you think XP


Prompt of the Day

A day late, but I hope you'll forgive me!

"What do you first do when you learn to swim? You make mistakes, do you not? And what happens? You make other mistakes, and when you have made all the mistakes you possibly can without drowning - and some of them many times over - what do you find? That you can swim? Well - life is just the same as learning to swim! Do not be afraid of making mistakes, for there is no other way of learning how to live!" -Alfred Adler (and yes the name had something to do with the choosing ;).)


Scene Development Article

Here we have another Suite101 article, this time on setting, which I thought could be pretty useful.

It's just a little list list, but I still thought it had some great points.
If anyone else has more to add, or a different perspective on the matter, feel free to speak up; you could really be helping someone, or even learn a bit yourself. ^^



Prompt of the Day

Hello all!

I hope the grind of work and school hasn't offed everyone yet! Or the snow storms freezing you out, for most of you Americans.
Hopefully, the upcoming holiday
(yes, yes, that holiday, with the hearts and the candy and the little winged naked babies shooting everyone in the ass) will inspire us all, and we'll miraculously get time to jot all those lovely ideas down. But until then~

Today's prompt is... Rabbits!

Pet rabbits, New Year's rabbits, rabbit!England (or America)... what have you!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! \o/


Prompt of the Day

Your prompt for today is Eddie Izzard.

Don't ask me why.

Have fun!


Prompt of the Day

Today's prompt is "There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."- Edith Wharton

Have fun with it~