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The Special Relationship Writers' Workshop

They're a work-in-progress and so are we

The Special Relationship Fanfic Workshop
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A place for the usxuk writers to get constructive criticism before posting to the main comm.
Inspired by a comm from a different fandom, come here to post drafts at any stage to get CONSTRUCTIVE feedback on anything from characterization to grammar and spelling.

This community is for USxUK fanfiction (it does not have to be romantic, all genres and permutations of their relationship are fair game). If you have questions about this, please message any of the moderators directly.

Post your fic the same way you would at the Special Relationship community, meaning:

Please also add a brief statement about what type of help you'd like to receive. It will be taken seriously, you will get no more and no less than you ask for. For example, if you only want people to catch grammar and typos, no one will go into depth about characterization/plot/themes, etc. Or you can ask that people only focus on one of those aspects. It's up to you.

**All fanfic posts must be locked to "members only".

Tag your entries as you see fit from the community's tags. We're just getting started, so if there's a tag you think is missing, just let us know.


-Absolutely NO trashing anyone's work. This is a community for works in progress and as such, no excessively harsh, profane or mean-spirited critique will be tolerated. Violation of this rule will result in a warning, but only one warning, after that, it will result in a ban.

-On the other hand, no excessive flattery. This community is for serious critique. Glowing praise is best balanced with constructive criticism.

-If you're a writer who is afraid, ask people to be gentle.

-Readers, if a writer has asked you to be gentle, RESPECT IT. It's scary to put one's work out there for the purpose of critique, so be mindful of the writer's courage.

-There will be disagreements. We all have our different headcanons, so just be nice about it.

-Everyone here will make mistakes, including your mod(s). Stay civil, please.

-Don't spam. Don't troll. Follow your best judgment. If something seems wrong or mean, it probably is so don't say it.

-If you post something to be critiqued, you must also critique at least one other work by someone else. This is a rule. It is also the polite thing to do.

-Play nice and have fun! Don't be afraid!

Some things to consider when critiquing
-Plot development
-Syntax, diction, grammar (Go ahead and get specific about word-usage. It matters!)
-Symbols and themes (Yes it is "only" fanfic, but that doesn't mean it can't be deep.)
-Give the things you like first and foremost, then explain the things you didn't like without being personal. For example, do not use an accusatory "you did this" structure. Continue to intersperse things you like with the criticism if someone has asked for gentle critique.
-Ask questions. Try to see what the author meant to be getting at, this will help to direct them in a more efficient manner.
-Be polite. Be fair. Be helpful.
-If you have further questions, ask your fellow readers, or send me a message directly.

What can be posted:
-Pieces of a chapter
-Whole stories
-Prompts/Well-formed ideas/Relevant articles*
-Relevant Questions*

Please keep in mind that people are going to look at these things in order to critique them, so don't waste anyone's time with sub-par work. Always do your best, that's all anyone can ask.

Regarding kink meme things that you wish to have read, send the work to me (request emails via private message) and I will post them for you saying that the author wishes to remain anonymous.

*These will be moderated. If anything gets too outside the topic of USUK and writing, it will be deleted. Remember, articles are not what this comm is about, they should be used to spread fic prompts, so only post it if you are 100% positive it's relevant. This policy is subject to change.

If you have a beta already, that's okay! Get them in on it! Develop personal writer-beta relationships! Have fun! and LEARN! Everyone can always improve.

Special Relationship

There is also a more general writing help community at Hetalia_Pen