I'm not sure if this is allowed, but since it's related to Hetalia writing...

What do you do when you feel uninspired to write? For some reason, the characters aren't speaking to me anymore.

[Fic] Missing You Even Morse So (1/?)

Title: Missing You Even Morse So (1/?)
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Slice-of-Life
Characters: US/UK, Jones and Kirkland parent OC's (for now).
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for language; use of human names.
Summary: Alfred and Arthur are thrust into a long distance relationship, and to make matters worse, with few options to keep in touch. Observe as they struggle with the restrictions and rejoice as they inevitably get creative.

A/N: Grigor = Scotland, Seamus = Ireland, Seimon = Wales. I would like feedback mainly on the characterization and overall composition of the story, but any suggestions are great. I'm experimenting with the differences in spelling and grammar between Arthur's POV (British English) and Alfred's (American English) so story-wise let me know what you think. One question I have is: Should there be a buffer between the events of the prologue and the first chapter?

Prologue and Chapter 1Collapse )

[Fic] Cleaning Day

Title: Cleaning Day
Genre: Romance/Humor
Pairing: USxUK
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Arthur thinks America’s apartment needs to be cleaned. Alfred and his apartment have other plans.
Notes: Written for the Prompt of the Week. I just wrote this for fun, but critiques are welcome.

Cleaning DayCollapse )

[Fic] Civilized

Hi, I'm new to the community. I thought I'd share a small ficlet that I wrote for a prompt. It's a bit dark so I wasn't planning on publishing it before but your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
EDIT: Forgot to add what I'd like help with. Typos, grammar, characterization. Also, what I might want to expand on. Its never been beta-ed.

Title: Civilized
Genre: General
Characters: England, America
Rating: PG
Summary: Arthur teaches his young colony many things.

CivilizedCollapse )

Prompt of the Day

Hello all!

In the spirit of the Love Party, why don't we do some brainstorming and development? As Haro has already said, this is a great time to contribute, with the weekend finally here and another week left of Love Party madness.

Do you remember any fairy tales or legends from your childhood, or have heard of some from other nations/regions/religions? Have you seen a movie/heard a song based on fairy tales or legends? Perhaps you have an idea forming about a fic based on a fairy tale or legend, or have a burning ambition to inform others about the beginnings of 'fairy tales'?

Some of you may have found a prompt you like, but haven't had time to focus on it, or haven't been able to flesh everything out. Well, this is the place to post ideas and help others develop ideas. And, as always, fics are welcome as well. :D

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


Prompt of the Day

Sorry for the delay, everyone! Just got caught up in the nice weather~

Today's prompt is...


Feel free to explore the wonders of English and/or American cuisine(?)! It can be homemade food, at a resteraunt, involve certain -ahem- waiters, or what have you. Any kind souls out there up to the challenge, this is your opportunity to stand up for England and his cooking. =w=b


Prompt of the day

Sorry for the delay, life has been mean lately, I apologise. Any way, I bring a prompt: Night on the town

I hope you like it!


Scene Development Article

Here we have another Suite101 article, this time on setting, which I thought could be pretty useful.

It's just a little list list, but I still thought it had some great points.
If anyone else has more to add, or a different perspective on the matter, feel free to speak up; you could really be helping someone, or even learn a bit yourself. ^^



Prompt of the Day

Hello all!

I hope the grind of work and school hasn't offed everyone yet! Or the snow storms freezing you out, for most of you Americans.
Hopefully, the upcoming holiday
(yes, yes, that holiday, with the hearts and the candy and the little winged naked babies shooting everyone in the ass) will inspire us all, and we'll miraculously get time to jot all those lovely ideas down. But until then~

Today's prompt is... Rabbits!

Pet rabbits, New Year's rabbits, rabbit!England (or America)... what have you!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! \o/


Prompt of the day

Sorry for the delay, guys. It's a grey and rainy day here and I over-slept. 

Which brings me to today's prompt: Staying home

What do they do when they have to sat home? Do they ignore the cruel elements and simply go out? Cuddle on the couch and watch films? Take a nap? What do you say?



Here's the rest of it, its a very loooong chapter



here we go!Collapse )

Title: Snippets of an Everyday Life
Genre: Steampunk AU
Pairings: Uk/Us, Others
Rating/Warnings: T Human names used
Summary: Arthur Kirkland is the captain of the of infamous Change Heart, Alfred F. Jones is a portside mechanic with a dream

Hey again guys I apparently spam this community liek whoa but I need this looked over so I can post someplace.
I was totally flying solo on it, it has had NO editing and it needs some major help, particularly in the grammar department.


(part one) Snippets of an everyday life:



Help me guys, you're my only hope!Collapse )

Prompt of the Day :)

So sorry I'm late, y'all - I had to work and stuff, but I've got a nice little inspirational song today that hopefully everyone will know :)

Shut up you know it's perfect :T

I haz question

Hello all, it’s me again…so here I am again on the comm., this time with questions.

Okay, so I have a modern day action fantasy AU fic in the works (Moonlighting) and possibly another one also about to hit the scene (Snippets of an Everyday Life) that’s steampunk. Both of these fics promise to be long and are USUK because I like this pairing, and I like to experiment with their dynamic; my question is this: Does the world need another USUK Hetalia AU? Because I might’ve had yet another idea I want to explore.

It’s about Disney (if it sounds strange, trust me it is)…in my head it’s a bit like Kingdom Hearts-meets-Never ending Story with some Alice’s Adventures thrown and a heavy emphasis on Epcot and seems like it would be a lot fun to play with.

This would mean that I would be juggling three very long AU fics in the same fandom with the same pairing…

I’m a very sporadic updater as it is and only seem to be able to work on one at a time…

Do you guys think I should go for it?

Or should I stick with what I already got on my plate?

[WIP fic] Once

Title: Once (which needs help, so if anyone's got a brilliant idea, I'd be more than happy to hear it)
Genre: Depressing angsty junk
Pairing: None in particular, although it has England and America
Rating: Probably PG-13 for somewhat gruesome concepts
They were men, once.
Notes: This is only questionably related to USUK, so if a mod thinks it's too far off the topic feel free to take it down.

Now look:Collapse )

Prompt of the Day

A quote that always has stuck in mind ever since my History teacher said was, "Learn to speak with clear words because words is one of the most important things to your disposal."

So my prompt of the day is: Speech/Language

Whether this is the freedom of speech, a common language, or even the lack of speech, it is a very important part of our lives which some may take granted.

Run with this; let your words flow.

"Language forces us to perceive the world as man presents it to us. " ~Julia Penelope


Prompt of the Day!

I think it's time for something silly. Don't you think? Well, I'm certainly in the mood for silly.


Prompt of the day

HI there, guys! How are you doing? Enjoying the pre-holiday frenzy? I can't wait until my exams end so I can have some time to write!

Any way, I bring a prompt: Routine. Yeah, you read well, routine. Because we all have them and all couples have them too and their are just part of life, right? Remember, the prompts are only there to spark an idea or plot bunny so you can run wild with it. 

I hope you like it!


Self-Editing Tips Article: Word Choice

I thought this was pretty relevant to working on preliminary self-editing befoe posting anything, and could help some people out when it comes to word choice. And hey, it could be something to think about when you critique. :)

Any of  you with the Suite 101: Writing Fiction Articles app on their Yahoo homepage may have seen this already:




Prompt of the Day

Hello all, it's me again for your Friday Prompt of the Day!

Today's is: Pride
n. self-esteem; haughtiness or disdain

"It is better to lose your pride with someone you love rather than to lose that someone you love with your useless pride."- Anonymous

"We are rarely proud when we are alone." -Voltaire

"Idleness and pride tax with a heavier hand than kings and governments." -Benjamin Franklin

Have a great weekend!




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